How to Assign Video Clips to Students

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Videos are a tool educators can use inside and outside of the classroom. ClassHook has a wide selection of educational videos educators can use in lessons or for students to view at home. If you are an educator, assigning videos for students to view is quick and easy. With ClassHook, you can assign videos for your students to watch and questions for them to answer while they view.

Video Tutorial

Step One: Find a Video to Share With Your Class

Browse ClassHook’s extensive video collection for a clip to assign to your students. You can use the search feature or browse our Official Playlists on a variety of topic areas.

Step Two: Click the “Discuss” Tab

Once you’ve found the video you want to use, click the “Discuss” button circled below in red.

Step Three: Add Embedded Questions

You have the freedom to customize your selected video with embedded discussion questions. If you would like to embed questions, click the “Create” button next to “My Pause Prompts.” When students view the assigned video, the video will prompt students to answer the questions for you to review. For a more in-depth explanation of embedding questions into videos, click here.

Step Four: Click “Assign to Students”

After you’ve customized your video, click the “Assign to Students” bar at the top of the screen.

Step Five: Pick Your Intended Class

You can select a class you’ve already created from the drop-down menu or create a new class.

Step Six: Generate Link to Share with Students

Select “Generate Link” to create a personal link to the clip you would like to assign. From there, click “Copy” to share this link with your students via email or via Google Classroom. Students will need to have their own ClassHook account to access the link. Further instructions for students to view assigned videos and answer embedded questions are below.

For Students: How to Watch and Respond to Assigned Videos

Step One: Watch the Video

The link your teacher provides will take you to the assigned video clip. Note that if you have a question while watching the video, you can submit your question to your teacher by clicking the “I have a question” button below the screen.

Step Two: Respond to Embedded Questions

If your teacher has added embedded questions, the video will pause automatically and allow you to read and respond to the discussion questions. Once you’ve typed in your answer, click “Post” and the video will resume automatically.

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