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Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google

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Single Sign On (SSO) streamlines the experience of managing multiple usernames and passwords, enhancing the user experience; for organizations, it centralizes authentication and access management, making it easier for organizations to adhere to compliance standards and regulations. ClassHook has SSO with Google; follow the guide below to access it.

Step 1: Click “Sign in” on the top of ClassHook Home page

Note: You can also sign up for ClassHook using Google.

Step 2: Click Sign in with Google

Once you click the button, select the account you want to use to login, then you should be logged into ClassHook. If you don’t have an existing account, one will be created for you. Congratulations, you’re all done!

For admins: Google SSO 3rd party confirmation

To protect student data privacy, since October 23, 2023, Google restricted access to third-party applications for students under the age of 18 unless the admin confirms access in the Google Admin Console.

Google automatically designated users to under 18, so please ensure that ClassHook Admins are designated as over 18.

Admins must mark ClassHook as a trusted app in Google, otherwise students, teachers, and administrators may lose access to ClassHook.

If you’re a teacher or student receiving the error “Access blocked: Your institution’s admin needs to review,” please contact your school or district’s tech support for help and provide them with this Help Center article.

More information is available here: Manage access to unconfigured third-party apps for users designated as under 18.

Steps for confirming ClassHook as trusted-party SSO

Step 1: Go to the intro page of the guided experience (note: you must be a Google Admin to access this).

Step 2: Click Continue to view the first step, Confirm settings for unconfigured third-party apps.

Step 3: If you choose Don’t allow users to access any third-party apps (Default setting), please review the apps and their settings in the Access (for top-level org unit) column.

Step 4: Click Add app -> OAuth App Name or Client ID, then search for ClassHook or 355766646610.

Step 5: Confirm ClassHook is set to Trust. Review the confirmation information, and click Confirm.

Google documentation

For the most up to date content, please visit Google’s Help Center and blog:

Support teachers and students through proactive actions

As long as teachers are designated over 18 years of age, they will not be affected by Google’s third-party app access policy change. However, students may be – so it is important you understand why students may not be able to log into applications, and what to do next.

We recommend that you proactively reach out to related personnel to let them know Google’s error message they might see, and who to reach out to with questions, so you can address the issue more smoothly. You can use the following email template to reach out to them after you have marked ClassHook as trusted


Google Workspace for Education recently updated their settings to help admins control how third-party apps (like ClassHook) access their organizations’ Google data when users sign-in with their Google Workspace for Education accounts. 

The IT team has configured the applications that you and your students need to access. However, if your students encounter an error message stating: “Access blocked: Your institution’s admin needs to review,” here’s what you should do:

  1. Ask the student to access the application through ClassHook – we have confirmed ClassHook as a trusted application.
  2. If they are still unable to login, ask the student to request access to the application by contacting our help desk [link], providing further information: date, application and the reason for your request.

Please do not contact the application directly. They will not be able to approve requests.

We appreciate your patience and your partnership in keeping student data safe and private.

Thank you,

-[Your name]

If students encounter the error Access blocked: Your institution’s admin needs to review ClassHook, please contact your tech support. You can use the following language:

My student(s) are having issues logging into ClassHook due to Google’s 3rd party confirmation. Can you please assist with confirming this resource:

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