How to Create Live Discussions on ClassHook

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ClassHook videos are already a great way to ensure your students remain engaged with the topic you’re teaching. However, live discussions on ClassHook are another way that you can keep your students interested while evoking the classroom experience. All of your students can participate in live discussions, and they don’t need a ClassHook account to participate. If you read our post about creating pause prompts/questions, you are already familiar with pause prompts and how they can encourage discussion. Otherwise, I’d recommend the article to familiarize yourself with them, as they’re a crucial part of creating live discussions.

Step One: Make Sure you Have a Pause Prompt

To begin creating a live discussion, you’ll need to either create a prompt or use one of your pre-existing ones. Click here if you want to know how to make them.

Step Two: Start a Discussion

Once you’re on the “View/Edit” page of your pause prompt, click the “Discuss” tab. Then, click the button labeled “Start a Discussion”.

First, click the “Discuss” tab on your pause prompt.
Now, click the “Start a Discussion” button.

Step Three: Getting Your Link

Now, you will see a menu where you will select the class the live discussion is for from a drop-down menu. Select your class (or create a new one, if you don’t have any, with the “New Class” button), and then click “Generate Link.”

Select your class and then generate your link.

Step Four: Send the Link to Your Students

Now that you have your link, you can send it out to your students or have them scan the QR code that will be generated for the discussion. Congratulations! Once you’re ready, you can play the video, and the prompt for the live discussion will appear at the specified time in the video.

Send your students the link that’s generated, or have them scan the QR code.

Step Five: What Your Students See

When your students enter the link you have sent or scan the QR code, they will be taken to a page where they will be asked to give their name before contributing to the discussion. (Remember: They don’t need a ClassHook account to participate.) Once they’ve entered their name, instruct them to click “Join Discussion”.

Your students will enter their names and then click “Join Discussion”.

Then, play the video for your class. Once the reach the specified location in the video, the discussion prompt will appear for them. Students will have a space to fill in their response. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions by clicking the “I have a question” button.

This is how the prompt will appear for students.
This is how the prompt will appear on your screen.

Step Six: Viewing Your Responses

Now that your students have responded to the discussion, go back to the “Discuss” tab for the clip the discussion was on. Next to the prompt you used to create your discussion, click the three dots and then “View Responses” to see what your students submitted.

View your responses on the page about the clip.
Here is what the “View Responses” page looks like.

Live discussions are a great way to see what your students think about your in-class resources in real time, and with this guide, you’re ready to make full use of them!

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