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How to Use Discussion Question Templates (Sentence Starters) on ClassHook

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ClassHook’s question templates help you create thought-provoking questions during in-class discussions. They save you time and are a great way to continually challenge your students. Question templates are categorized by grade level and skills in Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. This makes it easy to create an appropriate and rigorous question for your lesson.

Step 1: Find a clip

Find a clip to which you’d like to add questions. This can be either a clip in ClassHook’s library or a Personal Clip. Then click on the Add a Question button in the Discussion Tools section below the video.

Step 2: Select your template

You’ll be taken to the discussion questions experience. The left side lists the 230+ question templates included in ClassHook, and you can create your own templates by clicking the Your Templates tab.

You can filter the templates by category. When you find a suitable template, select it by clicking on it, and fill in the blanks on the right side.

Click Add Question below when you’re ready to add your question.

Step 3: All done!

Your question will appear in the Discussion Tools section below the clip.

Embed Discussion Questions in Clips

You can now use the question in a verbal discussion, or you can copy it to an LMS or another system that you use. Additionally, you can use it as a Pause Prompt by clicking the action menu (three dots) next to the question and selecting the Use as Pause Prompt option. To learn more about Pause Prompts, see this article.

And that’s it!

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