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ClassHook helps you find and effectively use educational videos from popular television shows and movies in your lessons. Our videos covers a wide range of subjects and are organized by topic, aligned to standards, and accompanied by discussion questions and tools. Below is an example workflow. ClassHook is designed to be flexible, so you can use as many or as few of our features as you’d like.

1. Find a clip

The search bar on the user dashboard.
Searching for clips from your dashboard

After your log into ClassHook, you can search for clips on your dashboard or by clicking on the search icon at the top of every other page. In the search, type in a keyword or topic related to what you’d like to teach. You can also enter the name of a TV show or movie to find all clips related to that.

A search result from Shrek on teaching simile.
One of the search results for “Simile”

In the search results, you’ll see a lot of information about each clip, including the age range, specific concepts it covers, and a description.

View of the "Shrek: Ogres are like Onions" clip on ClassHook.
Viewing a clip

Once you click on a clip in the search results, you can watch it directly from ClassHook to make sure it’s right for your lesson. You can add the clip to a playlist or bookmark it for easy access later.

2. Set up discussion questions

The Discuss tab when viewing a clip. It contains several discussion questions.
The Discuss tab shown on a clip

ClassHook’s videos are short (between 1 – 5 minutes) and targeted so they can be used effectively in a discussion or another activity. On the Discuss tab, you’ll find sample discussion questions specific to the clip. You can use the ones provided or create your own. You can also create Pause Prompts, which are questions that will appear at specific timestamps while watching the video. For more information on creating pause prompts, see How to Embed Questions on ClassHook.

3. Discuss with your class

Now that you have a clip and discussion questions, you’re ready to show the clip to your students. For this, you have several options:

  1. Project the clip live to your students (in a classroom or on a video call), and have a verbal discussion
  2. Start a live discussion (see How to Create Live Discussions)
  3. Assign the video to your students (see How to Assign Clips to Students)

Many more uses

This is an example workflow demonstrating how to use ClassHook to engage your students in a lesson. But there are so many other ways to use ClassHook in a lesson. We’ve outlined some of them here: ClassHook Use Cases

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