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How We Build Our Library

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ClassHook is home to over 6,800 educational clips from popular TV shows and movies! We are constantly working to expand our library to cover new topics, add diversity, and give educators more ways to increase engagement. This article will give you a high-level overview of how we curate our ever-expanding library.

Clip Review

All clips on ClassHook are held to high standards so that you can trust them. Every clip is reviewed by our internal team for accuracy. We vet all clips to ensure that they are usable and appropriate in a classroom setting. Regardless if a clip is added proactively or reactively, all clips undergo review from our team.

After an internal team review, we share clips with our Clip Vetters, who are K-12 educators on ClassHook. Our Clip Vetters share feedback on how they can use the clips in their lessons. If they don’t think a clip is suitable, we will not add it to our library.

A Proactive Approach

We recognize gaps in subjects and topics that our current selection of clips does not offer. Our team finds clips to fill gaps in the curriculum and add them to ClassHook.

A Reactive Approach

If there is a gap in our library that an educator is looking for, they can request clips. Our team looks for clips to fulfill those requests.

Educators can also submit clips if they have a clip that they love that’s not on ClassHook. These clips are reviewed by our team before being added to the ClassHook library.

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