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How To Use Student Questions

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What are Student Questions?

This is a feature within Live Discussions where students are able to ask questions and send in their comments during synchronous classes or self-paced learning activities. It can also serve as a way for teachers to assess their classes for their understanding of concepts and engagement with the class content.

The teacher view: student questions during a live discussion

What do Student Questions accomplish?

Student Questions encourages active participation for all students and incorporates the use of technology in the classroom. Students engaged in discussion about clips and are able to cultivate their sense of curiosity through the process of asking questions. Students are also able to see their peers’ questions and upvote them. This draws attention to the teacher to clarify misunderstandings and review concepts for deeper understanding. Student Questions give students the opportunity to interact with clips in a meaningful way.

How do students send questions?

Students can send questions through a generated link for their classroom from the Live Discussions feature.

Once the student joins the link on their device, they will be prompted to enter a name. Students also have the option to be anonymous.

Student view for submitting questions

At any point of the clip, if the students have any thoughts they would like to share, they are welcome to send in their questions by clicking on the “I have a question” button at the bottom of their screen. Their question will appear in real-time on the screen and other students who have similar questions can upvote it. This gives you the opportunity to verbally discuss the question.

How do you review questions submitted by students?

You can review all questions submitted by students about a specific clip on the Discuss tab by clicking on the View Student Questions button.

This will take you to the page that displays all student submitted questions from all your classes for your chosen clip. You can sort and filter the questions by a specific class or a specific student. Questions will be displayed with class, student name, student question, amount of upvotes, the exact timestamp the question was asked during the clip, and the date that the question was submitted.

The student questions report

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