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How to Use In-Video Search

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Note: This is a ClassHook Premium feature

At ClassHook, we help educators find the perfect clip by classifying clips by age level, subject, and standards. Sometimes, you may be searching for videos a bit differently. Whether you’re trying to draw parallels or use foils, In-Video Search is an incredibly useful tool to make your searching easier and your lessons more engaging.

What is In-Video Search?

In-Video Search takes the clip finding experience to the next level by using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to search within videos. With In-Video Search, ClassHook now understands the contents of its video clips, so if you want to find a video containing a shoe, you can do that. Want to find clips containing dessert? Just search for “dessert.” It’s that simple.

Using In-Video Search in the Classroom

In-Video Search is a great way to create class discussion. These are just a few suggestions of how you might want to use In-Video Search. In-Video Search can save you time if you’re looking for clips:

  • Taking place in specific settings (classroom, supermarket, restaurant)
  • Containing certain attire (formal wear, dresses)
  • Conveying certain emotions (happiness)
  • Containing specific objects or situations (blackboard, presentation, social group)

How to Use In-Video Search

In-Video Search is incredibly easy to use. You can follow this short step-by-step guide to get started!

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Enter your search term

The search feature is accessible through the dashboard or can be found here. Type your term, and press “Search.”

Shows "brown hair" as a search term and the "search" button, a blue button to the right of the entry.

Step 2: Toggle In-Video Search

Once you press “Search,” the usual search features will appear. Toggle “In-Video Search,” which can be found below “Series.”

Step 3: Press “Apply”

Once you have selected In-Video Search (and applied any of the other filters), press “Apply,” the blue button at the bottom of the refine search box.

Step 4: Voila!

Congratulations! You now know how to use In-Video Search! Happy clip finding!

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