How to Embed ClassHook Clips in Google Slides

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Whether you are preparing a lecture on world history, geometry, or physics, being able to use ClassHook’s clips on Google Slides is a helpful tool. Since you can work on Google Slides from just about anywhere, you can follow this step-by-step guide to embed your favorite clips.

Please note, this only works on ClassHook clips from YouTube due to Google Slides limitations.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Choose your clip

Choose your clip from ClassHook.

Wakko's 50 State Capitals from ClassHook to demonstrate any clip from ClassHook.

Step 2: Copy the embed link from ClassHook

Underneath the video description, there is a button that looks like a rectangle with a curved arrow coming out of it. If you hover over the box, “Share this clip” will appear.

Shows where the share button is on ClassHook.

After you click the button, click Embed (with </> symbol) and copy the link that appears under “Google Slides and PowerPoint.”

share clip - copy link under Google Slides and PowerPoint

Step 3: Open the Slide deck you’re using

Step 4: In the menu at the top of Google Slide, click on Insert > Video

Once you have the slide you want the clip in, select Insert (fourth from the left) from the menu on the top. Then, select Video.

Select Insert then Video on Google Slides.

Step 5: Click on the search tab

Once you select video, the search tab should appear on default. Make sure it’s selected.

Step 6: Paste the embed link into the search box

Paste the embed link into the search box, click Search, and select the video from ClassHook.

Step 7: Voila!

Voila! After you press select, the clip will appear on your slides!

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