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How to Embed ClassHook Clips in Google Slides

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Whether you are preparing a lecture on world history, geometry, or physics, being able to use ClassHook’s clips on Google Slides is a helpful tool. Since you can work on Google Slides from just about anywhere, you can follow this step-by-step guide to embed your favorite clips.

Please note, this only works on ClassHook clips from YouTube due to Google Slides limitations.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Find a clip on ClassHook

Step 2: Click on the Share button

Click on the Share button above the video.

Step 3: Get the Embed code

After clicking on the Share button, a popup will appear with options for sharing the clip. Select the Embed option, then copy the embed link under “Google Slides and PowerPoint.”

Step 4: Open Google Slides

Open your Google Slides presentation, and choose the slide to which you’d like to add the clip.

Step 5: Insert a Video

In the action menu at the top of Google Slides, select Insert > Video.

Select Insert then Video on Google Slides.

Step 6: Click on the Search tab

Once you select video, the search tab should appear by default. Make sure it’s selected.

Step 6: Paste the embed link

Paste the embed link you copied from ClassHook into the search box. Then click the Search button, and select the video from ClassHook.

Step 7: All done!

Voila! After you press Select, the clip will appear on your slide!

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