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A Walkthrough of the Browser Experience

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Looking for fun and educational clips but not sure where to start? ClassHook understands what it’s like for teachers to spend countless hours prepping for lessons, and we’re here to help. We’re all about increasing efficiency in your browsing experience. Through the browser, you can find clips in your subject area of interest. We have subjects ranging from business to STEM to the humanities. Within each subject there are topics to centralize the videos to find content that best fits your lesson plans.

How to Get to the Browse Experience

If you click on the Browse icon at the top of your dashboard, you can navigate to Browse Subjects, check out Official Playlists, view Clips by Standards, and use the Vocabulary Finder. 

Click on Browse Subjects to begin the experience!

Start Here!

*Other subjects include: Philosophy and Theology, Science, Social-Emotional Learning, Social Studies, The Arts

Browse Topics!

Once you have selected a subject, you will be taken to a page showing related topics on that subject. Each topic box shows the number clips ClassHook has classified under that topic. 

Browse Clips!

When you choose a topic, you will be taken to a list of videos. You can use the filter feature to fine-tune your search. Apply filters by Grade Level, Clip Length, and Series. Upgrade to Premium to filter by Decade, Standards, and No Profanity. A new feature lets you browse by Genre.

With each clip, you’ll see a lot of information, including the grade levels for which it’s appropriate. You can also bookmark or add the clip to a playlist to watch later. Clips will be marked with clip length, related tags, and whether or not there is profanity.

Premium Features

Premium Members have access to functions like Clips by Standards and Vocabulary Finder. 

Clips by Standards allows teachers to browse video clips by academic standards of each grade level. The standards that ClassHook supports are aligned with the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Provided are the subject matter with the description of each standard and a clip with content that reflects the standard.

Vocabulary Finder is a great resource for teachers to highlight and emphasize the meanings of vocabulary words that appear in clips. Simply type in a vocabulary word and Vocabulary Finder will generate clips that define the word. It will also show the timestamp of when the vocabulary word is mentioned in the clip.

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