How to Search for Clips by Standards

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We at ClassHook are dedicated to making the search for educational clips efficient and accessible to teachers. Explore our library through our Clips by Standards feature to find fun clips relevant to your lesson plans. The academic standards that ClassHook supports are the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. 

Video Tutorial

Step 1

From the main page, click on the browse button located at the top right hand corner. This will open a dropdown list of features from our browse experience. 

Step 2

From the dropdown list, click on Clips by Standards. This will take you to our Clips by Standards feature where you can search for clips based on specific academic standards.

Step 3

On the Clips by Standard feature, you can fine-tune your search by selecting standards that are targeted towards a specific grade level. We currently support academic standards from Grade Kindergarten to Grade 12. The provided with each search, will be subjects, standards, a description of the standard, and a list of clips that are aligned to the standard. 

Step 4

To search for clips, first select the type of academic standards to view. The standards that ClassHook supports are the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills – Social Studies. You can search for clips using one set of standards specifically or all together.

Step 5

After you have selected your standards, click on the select button. The Clips by Standard feature will generate educational clips that align with those standards.

Step 6

Select the grade level you wish to view the standards in. The page will then show you the standards and clips targeted towards that grade level. Clips will be listed in blue, located on the right-hand side next to the description of the standards.

Step 7

You can also search for clips aligning to a specific standard by typing it into the mini search bar located above the list of clips.

Step 8

You can view clips by standards alphabetically in either ascending or descending order. Just click on the up and down arrows located next to Subject, Standard, Description, or Clips.

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