Importing ‘Pause Prompt’ spreadsheets into Google Classroom and LMS systems

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Classhook allows teachers to embed questions into videos at specific intervals for students to answer, in a process called Pause Prompts. (To find out more about Pause Prompts and how to create them, click here) This feature allows students to answer the question and their answers are saved in the teacher’s “Pause Prompts” page under “My Clips”, as shown below.

To Download student responses, select “Download all Responses as Spreadsheet” in the top right corner, as shown below.

The responses will download on to your computer as a .csv file and can be viewed in your computer’s default spreadsheet application. 

From here, you can add it to one of the following LMS systems:

Google Classroom 

If you already have a Google Classroom account, you can navigate from the Google Classroom, home screen here to the ‘Classwork tab’.

Under the Classwork tab, select the Class Drive Folder tab. This will create a Classroom folder in your Google Drive Account.

From there, it is as simple as dragging in the .csv file into your Google Drive Classroom folder, where it can be viewed and edited in Google Sheets. 


Canvas’s system of importing spreadsheets is a lot more simple. If you already have an account and course, just navigate from your Course home to the ‘Files’ menu.

Once there, hit the blue ‘Upload’ button in the right hand corner and drag your .csv file in.


If you already have a Schoology account, simply press the downward arrow on the home-screen. A popup menu will appear with the option to import files. From there import the .csv file.