Profanity Features on ClassHook

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Want to start using popular shows and movies in your lessons, but always worry about appropriate language for the classroom? ClassHook has recognized this concern for educators and we make it a point to eliminate as much profanity as we can in our clips. For the few videos that do have profanity, we label it clearly so you make the decision to include it in your next lesson. 

Here’s how you can identify these clips:

Profanity Badge

In the clips that have profanity, there is a red banner underneath the video thumbnail. This indicates that there is language that educators should be worried about in a clip. 

The bold red hue distinguishes itself from the surrounding videos, so when scrolling through clips, you can easily spot the profanity banner.

Profanity Window and Time

When you arrive at a clip that has profanity, there is a dedicated section that warns you exactly what profanity is said and where in the clip it is said.

Video Player

Our new video player hides advertisements and prevents viewers from selecting videos suggested by the original source. Hiding advertisements that target students helps facilitate a safe environment for internet browsing. By making video links unavailable, students can safely watch videos and stay on ClassHook, where the videos are guaranteed to be educational and safe. 

Profanity Skipping

If you upgrade to a premium account, you are able to skip profanity in videos while it is playing. So you can share a video with your class that has profanity, but they will never hear it! Read more about Automatic Profanity Skipping here.

By making these features available, our goal is to empower parents, educators, and students to watch educational videos without being exposed to inappropriate content. The profanity features on ClassHook help you show relevant media without worrying about inappropriate language. 

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Further Reading

For more information as to why we stress curating safe content for our digital library, check out our whitepaper about The Importance of Safe Videos in Digital Literacy.