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While ClassHook’s library has a plethora of clips that are easy to browse through, educators may already have favorite clips that are bookmarked from various places on the Internet. ClassHook has an easy way to manage and store these clips: Personal Clips. This article will walk you through what personal clips are, why and when you should use them, and how to create them.

If you’re just looking for how to create Personal Clips, skip to the bottom of this article or go to this support article.

What Are Personal Clips?

Personal Clips are videos found from anywhere on the internet that you can manage directly on ClassHook. You can add clips individually or import an entire playlist from YouTube.

Personal Clips can be either private or public. You can share public Personal Clips with your students or anyone else, and they won’t need a ClassHook account to view them. Personal Clips that are private can be viewed only by you.

Personal Clips are available to all ClassHook educators. Both ClassHook Standard and Premium users can have an unlimited amount of Personal Clips.

Why Use Personal Clips?

Personal Clips simplify the way in which you manage the videos you’ve saved for your lessons. Instead of visiting different websites to show videos to your class, you can save and watch videos from multiple sources in a single place alongside your favorite ClassHook clips.

If you have a video that isn’t on ClassHook, not only can you submit that video to the ClassHook library or request a clip, you can make it a Personal Clip, so it is easy to access.

How to Use Personal Clips

Like clips in the ClassHook library, you can use discussion features like Pause Prompts and live discussion in Personal Clips.

How to Create Personal Clips

You can access Personal Clips under your clips. To learn how to create Personal Clips, check out this article.

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